College of Arts and Sciences

2012-13 Presentations (Formerly First Mondays Series)

  • Jody Ross, “Rethinking Gender and Intimate Partner Violence,” October 1, 2012. Past event details.
  • Mark Jordan, “Remembering the Ancestors in a Changing World: The Past, Present, and Future of Wildlife Populations,” November 5, 2012. Past event details.
  • Benjamin Datillo, “The Layer Cake Paradox: How Did Patchy Environments Become Uniformly Layered Sediments in the Ancient Marine Deposits of Cincinnati?” December 3, 2012. Past event details.
  • Suzanne LaVere, “A Lover’s Praise or the Lord’s Command? Interpreting the Song of Songs in Medieval Europe,” February 4, 2013. Past event details.
  • Troy Bassett, “The Mysterious Identity of Helen Dickens, Victorian Novelist,” March 4, 2013. Past event details.
  • Jamie Toole, “How Generous Are We? Analyzing US Help to Countries in Need,” April 1, 2013. Past event details.