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Annual COAS Enhancement of Learning Presentation

Annual COAS Enhancement of Learning Presentation

Better Together—Lessons Learned from Paired Field Experience Placements

Presented by Sue Mau, Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences, IPFW, and Samantha McGlennan 8th Grade Math Teacher, Summit Middle School

Monday, November 30, 2015Sue Mau
12:00 p.m.
Science Building, Room 185

In 2008, I attended the annual Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) Conference and listened to a panel discussion about paired student teaching placements. It was a powerful and eye-opening presentation.  I returned home thinking about various ways to create the same learning experience for secondary mathematics methods students. A partnership was born with Ms. Samantha McGlennen, who was a MAT graduate student in the math department at the time. Our goals for the experience included deepening the preservice teachers' (PSTs) metacognition during teaching.

This session discusses our learning, growth, and programmatic changes over a six-year partnership of creating and implementing a paired field experience where the students, working in groups of four, plan and implement lessons in a middle school mathematics classroom.  I (or we) describe our work and what we have learned from students, both in the middle school and the PSTs. We consider anecdotal evidence of PSTs comments during the teaching episodes, during planning sessions, in methods class, and during individual conversations with either me or Ms. McGlennen. Additionally, we analyze their written work for methods and for field experience. During the 2014-15 academic year, we have been purposeful in our assignments to them, using these assignments as assessment of our work and hoping to glean more of their thinking in order to improve our own work with future PSTs.


Sue Mau began her professional career at the University of Notre Dame where she was Director of Collaborative Learning in the First Year of Studies, the college for all incoming students.  While at Notre Dame, she established the Collaborative Study Group program. In 1995, Mau joined the faculty in the School of Education at IUPUI.  Working closely with the Indiana Professional Standards Board, she and her colleague, Linda Houser, designed the first program to support the preparation of mentor teachers who would then help implement the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium teaching standards. Mau also worked with Crispus Attucks Middle School as the faculty liaison in the professional development school program, Learning to Teach/Teaching to Learn, and with the Key Learning Community (KLC), an IPS magnet school and the first multiple intelligences school in the world.  In 1998, KLC honored Mau by inviting her to join the School Committee, a steering group to advise the principal and suggest future directions for the school, and she served on that committee until 2001.

Mau joined IPFW’s Department of Mathematical Sciences in 2001, teaching both mathematics and education courses for K-12 pre-service teachers.  While at IPFW, Sue has developed partnerships with three of the school districts in Allen County, implemented service learning components in her mathematics courses, revamped field experiences for prospective secondary mathematics teachers, and designed a Master of Arts for Teachers degree.