College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Degrees & Certificate

Bachelor of Arts in Women's Studies

Women's Studies is based on the premise that the study of womens' experiences, concerns, social roles, and creativity is essential to our knowledge of humankind and society. Feminist scholarship and theory provide the knowledge and analytical tools necessary for a gender-balanced perspective on our world, both past and present. The Women's Studies Program affords you the opportunity to pursue feminist scholarship on women and gender through a variety of interdisciplinary courses. 

To earn the Bachelor of Arts with a major in Women’s Studies, you must satisfy the requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences in addition to General Education requirements. Please refer to the Bulletin for full explanation of the courses required to graduate. The curriculum for the Women's Studies major includes at minimum completion of 33 credit hours:

3 credit hours - WOST W210: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
3 credit hours - WOST W301: International Perspectives on Women
3 credit hours - WOST W304: Feminist Theories
3 credit hours - WOST W400: Topics in Women's Studies (capstone)
6 credit hours - WOST prefixed or cross referenced humanities / fine arts
6 credit hours - WOST prefixed or cross referenced social sciences/ science
9 credit hours - WOST prefixed or cross referenced courses

Please contact Dr. Janet Badia, Professor and Director of Women's Studies, for advising assistance.