College of Arts and Sciences

Linda C. Fox Merit Scholarship

The Linda C. Fox Merit Scholarship was established in spring 2009 to honor the long-time Director of the Women's Studies program at IPFW. The funding for this academic merit scholarship is generously donated by Community Friends of Women's Studies, Inc. During the award's first four years of existence, it was given to the top performing women's studies major for a particular year. In 2012, Community Friends of Women's Studies expanded the scholarship to include all women's studies majors who meet the eligibility requirements.

To receive the award students must:

  • be a women's studies major
  • have completed at least 9 hours toward the requirements of the WOST major
  • have completed or registered for a combined 60 credits of course work (generally, this means having a class standing as an advanced sophomore, a junior, or a senior at the time of the award)
  • have an overall GPA of 3.5 or above


  • 2009 - Nicole Affolder
  • 2011 - Layli Magers
  • 2011 - Cailynn Smith
  • 2014 - Amity Pauley
  • 2014 - Monica Young
  • 2015 - Melissa Norton
  • 2015 - Aaron Thieme
  • 2016- Terra Brix
  • 2018 - Ann Brake
  • 2018 - Audrey Leonard
  • 2018 - Savannah Meyer

Each spring, the director of the Women's Studies Program identifies students eligible for the scholarship. Students with questions about their eligibility should contact Dr. Janet Badia.