College of Arts and Sciences

Community Friends of Women's Studies, Inc. Scholarship

Community Friends of Women's Studies, Inc. awards competitive scholarships to women's studies majors who have entered IPFW for the first time, who have newly declared women's studies as their major, or who are in the early stages of the coursework in women's studies. The scholarship amount is $200 for one semester with the possibility of renewal over the course of the student's education at IPFW up to $1600.

To be eligible:

  • students must be women's studies majors
  • they must be enrolled in 12 or more credit hours at IPFW
  • they must have 9 or fewer credit in women's studies (including in-progress courses) when first applying for the award
  • they must demonstrate prior academic success appropriate to their rank at IPFW. For incoming and newly enrolled students, measurements of success include high school GPA, class rank in high school graduating class, SAT or ACT scores, GPA at another university, or any combination of these. For newly declared majors and students in the early stages of coursework within the major, a minimum overall GPA of 3.5 is required.

To apply, students must submit the scholarship application form, along with 500-700 word essay on why they chose women's studies as a major. Application forms are available through the Women's Studies Program office - LA 35 F or online. Applications are accepted twice a year and are generally due by the 6th week of fall and spring semester.


The $200 scholarship will be renewed each semester provided students maintain an overall 3.5 GPA, enroll for a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester, and continue to make progress on their women's studies major as determined by the Director of the Women's Studies Program.


  • 2014 - Aaron Thieme
  • 2014 - Monica Young
  • 2016- Gabrielle Carteaux
  • 2017 - Savannah Meyer

Please contact Dr. Laurie Corbin for updated deadline information.