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Companies Hiring Psychology Graduates

A survey conducted by the IPFW Psychology Department in 2014 asked area employers about skills they value most in their employees. The table below shows the percentage of psychology graduates employed by each type of company.  

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Top-Rated Skills by Area Employers

Employers were asked to rate the importance of 36 skills that we believe psychology students acquire in the major. Below are the top-rated skills listed in the order of their importance to area employers.

  1. Listening skills
  2. Apply ethical principles appropriate to the workplace
  3. Establish relationships with clients or customers
  4. Work effectively with diverse populations
  5. Empathy skills
  6. Teamwork skills
  7. Conflict resolution
  8. Behavioral management
  9. Deliver clear and concise oral communication
  10. Draw conclusions based on information gathered
  11. Anticipate problems in proposed projects
  12. Take the initiative to clarify ambiguous instructions from others
  13. Train skills to individuals one-on-one
  14. Facilitate interactions among group members
  15. Collaborate on group projects
  16. Craft clear and concise written communication
  17. Propose ideas for new projects
  18. Identify key concepts in written reports and/or proposed projects