About Us

Jeannie D. DiClementi, Psy.D.

jeannie diclementi

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Methamphetamine use and HIV-risk behaviors in rural populations; drug-use networks, sexual networks, and undiagnosed Axis I and II disorders in rural methamphetamine users; HIV education and prevention; health disparities in medical education, prevention, and outreach; hypnotizability and information processing as related to interoceptive cueing and symptom perception.

Courses Taught

  • Elementary Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Cross Cultural Psychology
  • Field Placement in a Community Setting
  • Readings and Research in Psychology
  • Independent Study/Senior Research
  • Honors Thesis 
  • Tests and Measurement
  • Mental Measurement (graduate)
  • Introduction to Clinical Psychology (graduate)
  • Psychology of HIV Disease (graduate, undergraduate, and professional coninuing education)
  • Addictions:  Biology, Psychology, and Society