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They can build real-world work experience, build professional networks, strengthen your résumé, and open avenues into careers after graduation. They can also be an effective way of exploring a field before fully committing to it. Our students in particular have interned for the United Nations, United States Senate, and Indiana General Assembly, among other institutions. 

If you are interested in an internship related to Political Science, you may want to check out the following links, to name only a few:

You may also be interested in looking for internships at the following:

  • Women's Bureau
  • Indiana Attorney General
  • Allen County Public Defender
  • Allen County Prosecutor
  • Fort Wayne Housing Authority
  • Political campaigns

If you are interested in internships, you should consider researching further online independently and asking our faculty if they have ideas that may apply to your particular interests. 

Our courses POL-Y39800 and POL-Y48200 are designed to help students receive college credit for their work during internships. Further information about these courses can be found under the Course Information tab.