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The path to law school is full of challenges. Regardless of where you currently stand in the process--deciding to apply, preparing for admission, or heading off to law school--you likely have questions, maybe lots of questions. 

Consider this handbook a tool which can help answer many of the questions you might have. Using a FAQ format, it addresses topics such as whether law school is right for you; how best to direct one's undergraduate studies; how to select the right law school; what to expect during the admission process; what kind of concerns confront minority students; how to finance law school; what to expect from legal study; and what kind of career options are available to law school graduates. 

There's a link to the complete handbook at the bottom of the page.

Purdue Fort Wayne Pre-Law Handbook

Do I want to go to law school?
What should my undergraduate focus be?
Will law school be a good fit for me?
How do I decide which school to go to?
As a minority student, what do I need to know?
What is the admissions process like?
How should I manage the application process?
What's the LSAT all about?
What should I include in my personal statement?
Who should I ask for letters of recommendation?
Do I need an addendum to my application?
How will I pay for law school?
What is law school really like?
What kinds of law can I practice?

Georgia Wralstad Ulmschneider
Campus Pre-Law Advisor