College of Arts and Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Physics

The Bachelor of Science in Physics is a basic physics degree.  Across the United States, the BS in Physics is relatively standard, so the program listed here is going to be similar to other institutions.  

Bingo Sheet - a one page document that lists all classes students will have to take to complete the B.S. in Physics. Sample four year plan of study - a document giving you an idea of what courses you will take when in your program.  

For both of these documents, if you enter the program needing to take pre-algebra, or algebra and trigonometry, it will take longer to complete the program.  The need to take these courses does not indicate that you will not succeed in physics, it simply means that you have some background work to complete before you may start the main physics program.  

ALL Students are expected to take PHYS 17000 - Physics Seminar every semester until they take PHYS 15200 - Mechanics.  PHYS 17000 is a one credit hour course with variable topics such as Nature of Science, Experimental Physics, and Microscopy.  It is important to have students become acculturated within the Department of Physics and make connections with senior students.  Senior students are expected to participate in PHYS 17000 classes as well (and they may take them for credit too).   

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