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B.S. Physics with Teaching Certification

The Bachelor of Science in Physics with a Teaching Certificate prepares students for teaching in high school. Teaching Physics in High School is really important.  First, there are very few Physics Teachers in the high schools.  Often the high school physics teacher has a degree in Math or Chemistry and has certification in Physics.  The problem is that this background is often not deep enough to provide an excellent learning experience for the high school students.  The math person tends to focus on the math, the chemistry person tends to be more procedural based.  This does NOT mean that they are not excellent teachers, nor that they are not excellent Physics teachers.  However, they do not generally have the love of the subject that a Physics Teaching major has.  

Physics Teaching is critical because physics is a basis science.  Physics is the basis for engineering.  Physics is the basis for chemistry.  Physics is the basis for biology.  Physics enhances critical thinking skills.  As we have fewer Physics Teachers, we actually jeopardize our nations future for technological developments.  Think about it.  

The Bingo Sheet for the Physics Teaching major describes all of the courses a student will take in completing the Physics Teaching major

Sample four year plan of study.

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