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Philosophy & Religious Studies Programs

Philosophy & Religious Studies Undergraduate Programs

The major in philosophy is a traditional humanities and liberal-arts program. At Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW), we strive to make our program unique through emphasis on context (we study philosophical ideas as part of the social, political, and intellectual fabric of their times), and on 'transdisciplinarity' (we have our work informed by cognate disciplines and the sciences).  Our "Philosophy Plus Two" option in the bachelor's program allows you to have credits earned in other programs count toward your philosophy degree.  It is a great way to assist those who want to double-major.

While philosophy is not a "vocational" training program, the skills learned in this field of education consistently puts philosophy majors into the top brackets of job satisfaction and income later in their lives.  Philosophy graduates routinely score highest in the language and writing component of the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) required for most graduate school applications.

You can enjoy many of the great courses we have to offer and earn a minor in philosophy almost automatically just by taking a suitable selection of general education classes.  Meet with one of our advisors for details and other how-to tips.

The minor in Professional and Applied Ethics and the Certificate in Medical Ethics both involve studies in human rights issues and also enhances students' preparation for graduate study in law, medicine, natural science, philosophy, religion and theology, or social work.

Religious Studies is an interdisciplinary program housed in the Department of Philosophy.
The Religious Studies program seeks to provide a basic level of competency in the academic study of religion as well as to deepen students' knowledge of particular faith traditions. As an academic unit of IPFW, we do not advocate belief in any one tradition, but instead encourage a broad multi-disciplinary investigation of faith traditions.

For more information about specific areas within our department, please contact the following advisors:

  • Philosophy, Logic, Analytic Philosophy, Continental Philosophy
    Dr. Bernd Buldt, Department Chair
  • Ethics, Medical Ethics, Business Ethics, Professional Ethics; Certificate in Medical Ethics, Minor in Professional & Applied Ethics
    Dr. Abraham Schwab
  • Religious Studies
    Dr. Erik Ohlander, Program Coordinator and Lead Advisor