College of Arts and Sciences

Philosophy Program

The philosophy minor at Purdue Fort Wayne is designed to complement other majors by adding an additional theoretical and evaluative component to any degree. Emphasizing critical thinking and an awareness of the history of thought, a minor in philosophy demonstrates a dedication to problem solving and critical evaluation. Philosophy’s emphasis on logic and argumentation makes it a natural area of interest to students pursuing careers in technology and law, while philosophical concepts are also abundantly apparent in literature and the other arts. Philosophy students typically fare better on the Law School Acceptance Test (LSAT) and are admitted to law schools more often than any other degree student.

The philosophy minor requires three introductory-level courses and two higher-level courses of the student’s choice (which must include at least one course at the 300-level or higher), totaling 15 credit hours.

Students who want to study ethics may also pursue a specialized minor in professional and applied ethics or a certificate in medical ethics.

For more information about the philosophy minor, please contact:

Charlene Elsby
Director of Philosophy Program

For more information on the specialized minor or certificate in ethics, please contact:

Abraham Schwab
Associate Professor of Philosophy