College of Arts and Sciences

Peace and Conflict Studies - Humanities Courses

Humanities Courses

AFRO-A210: Black Women in America

COM-31600: Controversy in America

COM-49100: Representing Holocaust

FREN-W300: Methods of Research & Criticism

HIST-A302: Revolutionary America

HIST-A314: U.S. 1929-1945

HIST-A315: U.S. 1945-Present

HIST-A316: U.S. Diplomatic History

HIST-A351: U.S. in World War II

HIST-B361: 20th C. Europe: 1914:1939

HIST-B378: Germany: 1815-Present

HIST-C393: Ottoman History

HIST-D426: Balkans: 1914-Present

HIST-F342:  Latin America: Evolution & Revolution


  • American Indians in History
  • Survey of the Culture of African-Americans

HIST-H228/H425: The Vietnam War


  • Seminar: U.S. Home front in World War I
  • U.S./Central America (20th Century)


  • American Women since 1920
  • Bounds & Bonds of American Womanhood
  • Tudor-Stuart England
  • Cold War in Central America


  • The American West Protest
  • Protest Movement of the 1960’s
  • Central America in the Cold War Era
  • U.S. in World War II


  • Autobiographies of Peacemakers
  • The Fall of the Wall

HON-H300: Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement

IDIS-G103: Communicating Race

PHIL-49300: Ideology/Culture Wars

SPAN-W300: Methods of Research and Criticism