Important: New Academic Organizational Structure in Effect July 1
As of July 1, the College of Arts and Sciences has split into two new colleges: the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science. Learn more here.
College of Liberal Arts

Peace and Conflict Studies


Thank you for your interest in Peace and Conflict Studies.

A certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies is available to all IPFW students who wish to understand the dynamics of conflict as well as various paths toward peace, from the interpersonal to the global level.

We explore the exciting frontiers of nonviolent alternatives to conflict. We study issues of inequality and injustice, and focus on nonviolent initiatives for social change as well as conflict resolution that fosters empowerment and recognition of our common humanity. The primary goal of the program is to develop students' competencies in fields contributing towards peace and social transformation.

Obtaining a certificate demonstrates to future employers, clients, and peers that:

  1. You have made a commitment to social justice and nonviolent alternatives in the process of problem solving and social change;
  2. You have sought out and obtained knowledge and skills to work nonviolently to resolve conflicts and create social change.

Because social justice is an issue that affects everyone, because we all experience conflict, and because we all have a stake in nonviolent solutions to social problems, we believe that a certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies complements every major. Please contact the director to discuss how a certificate could contribute to your particular course of study, make you a better citizen, and enhance your employability.