College of Arts and Sciences

Listed below are the faculty members involved with Native American Studies.

Dr. Lawrence A. Kuznar

Director, Native American Studies
Professor of Anthropology
Kettler Hall, Room G11

Ph.D.: Northwestern University, Anthropology, 1990
M.S.: Northwestern University, 1990
M.A.: Northwestern University, 1985
B.A.: Pennsylvania State University, 1984

Area of Specialty
South American Indians
Navajo Indians

Awatimarka: The Ethnoarchaeology of an Andean Herding Community
(Harcourt Brace, 1995)

Dr. Richard E. Sutter

Chair and Professor
Department of Anthropology
Kettler Hall, Room G11

Ph.D. - University of Missouri Columbia, Anthropology, 1997
M.A. - University of Missouri Columbia, 1991
B.S. - State University of New York, Buffalo, 1988

Dr. Chad L. Thompson

Associate Professor of Linguistics
Kettler Hall, Room G11

Ph.D.: University of Oregon, English and Linguistics, 1989
M.A.: University of Oregon, 1977
B.A.: University of Alaska, 1974

Area of Specialty
Native American Athabaskan languages

Dr. Alan R. Sandstrom

Director, Department of Anthropology
Profesor Emeritus of Anthropology
Kettler Hall, Room G11

Ph.D.: Indiana University, Anthropology, 1975
M.A.: Indiana University, 1971
B.A.: American International College, 1968

Area of Speciality
North American Indians

Corn is Our Blood: Culture and Identity in a Contemporary Aztec Village
(University of Oklahoma Press, 1992)
Traditional Papermaking and Paper Cult Figures of Mexico
(University of Oklahoma Press, 1986)
Nahua Newsletter