College of Arts and Sciences

Requirements for the Medieval Studies Minor

An image of the Meister der Heiligen Magdalena painting.

Core Course (3 credits)

MARS 20100, Medieval Encounters

Distribution (12 credits)

One course from each of the following four areas.

Area I - History (3 credits)

HIST 35102 - Western Europe in the Early Middle Ages
HIST 35202 - Western Europe in the High/Late Middle Ages
HIST 39002 - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
HIST 39301 - Ottoman History
HIST 40201 - Byzantine History and Civilization II

Area II - Literature (3 credits)

ENGL 40401 - Old English Language and Literature
ENGL 40502 - Chaucer
ENGL 40601 - Middle English Literature
FR 44000 - Medieval and Renaissance French Literature
FR 46300 - Civilisation Francaise I 
SPAN 40700 - Survey of Spanish Literature I
GER 47000 - German Folklore

Area III - Religion/Philosophy (3 credits)

PHIL 30200 - History of Medieval Philosophy
REL 30100 - Islam
REL 30200 - Christianity
REL 40200 - Mysticism

Area IV - Art/Music/Theatre (3 credits)

AD 33201 – Early Medieval Art 
AD 33301 – Later Medieval Art
AD 43101 – Research Seminar in Medieval Art
AD 43201 – Reading Seminar in Medieval Art
THTR 36500 - Period Style for the Theatre I
*MUSC 20100 - Music Literature I
*MUSC 40300 - History of Music I

*Courses have prerequisites; primarily intended for Music majors

“Special Topics” or other relevant courses may be substituted with the permission of the program coordinator.


Students must complete the last two courses of a four-semester sequence or demonstrate equivalent proficiency in one of the following languages: French, German, Spanish, Latin, or Arabic. Other languages may be substituted upon the approval of the program coordinator.