College of Arts and Sciences

Medieval Studies Minor


An image of a page from the Authorian RomancesStarting in fall 2012, a minor in medieval studies will be offered through the College of Arts and Sciences. This minor is heavily interdisciplinary, drawing faculty from and providing course work in the areas of art history, English and linguistics, history, foreign languages, philosophy, and religious studies. Any undergraduate students who wish to diversify their approaches to primary sources while deepening their knowledge in this area will benefit from this new minor.

This minor also is designed to serve students who wish to pursue graduate study in English, history, philosophy, religious studies, foreign languages, or art history particularly, as well as all students pursuing a baccalaureate degree.

Any IPFW student in good standing may add the minor to any other major course of study. The residency requirement stipulates that at least 9 out of the 15 required credits for the minor must be completed at IPFW.

Current Course Offerings