College of Arts and Sciences

Mathematics Teaching Degree Requirements

Math Teaching Studying

The requirements are identical to those for the major in mathematics with mathematics teaching option. The school distribution requirement in humanities need not include two semesters of foreign language study.

You must also complete the following courses in professional education:

Credits Course


EDUC H340 - Education and American Culture


EDUC M448 - Methods of Teaching High School Mathematics


EDUC M480 - Student Teaching in the Secondary Schools


EDUC P250/M201 - General Educational Psychology and Lab/Field Experience


EDUC P253/M301 - Educational Psychology for Secondary Teachers and Lab/Field Experience


EDUC W200/M101 - Microcomputers for Education: An Introduction and Lab/Field Experience


EDUC X401 - Critical Reading in the Content Area

To become certified to teach secondary school mathematics, you must also satisfy the requirements of the Indiana Department of Education as prescribed by the IPFW School of Education. Prior to the second semester of your sophomore year, you must complete succesfully the Preprofessional Skills Test (PPST) before admission to the teacher education program. The National Teachers Examination (NTE) must be completed before or during the student teaching semester, normally in your senior year.

Course Descriptions

The current IPFW bulletin is online. Make sure that you are using the correct Bulletin (generally the one you came into IPFW under) when making curriculum decisions. Go to Part 6 to look at course descriptions.