College of Arts and Sciences

Research Certificate in Mathematics

Earn a research certificate in mathematics by completing the following 18-19 credits with a grade of C or better in each course.

Learn research methods and tools, foundations of research in the theory of the discipline, and advanced communication skills to enhance your degree in mathematics and apply your education with a research project.

Course Number Course Title Credits

Research Writing

ENG W233 Intermediate Expository Writing 3

History, Philosophy, or Theory of the Discipline

MA 305 Foundations of Higher Mathematics 3

Cognate Research Tools

3-4 credits in one of the following:
CS 160 Introduction to Computer Science I
MA 175 Introductory Discrete Mathematics
STAT 511 Statistical Methods

Research Methods and Supervised Individual Research

MA 351 Elementary Linear Algebra 3
MA 490 Topics in Mathematics for Undergraduates 3
One upper-level undergraduate or dual-level course in mathematics or statistics appropriate to the area of research (e.g., MA 453, MA 441, MA 575, STAT 517) 3
Total 18–19