College of Arts and Sciences

The Math Test Center is located in Kettler Hall G18A, and is for students who are taking mathematics or statistics courses and have the permission of their instructor to take a test outside of class.  In order to receive a test you must have a photo ID.  Some instructors will provide you with a purple test ticket, but you do not need to make an appointment for a particular time --- just arrive during the posted hours.  Also arrive in enough time to finish within one hour of posted closing time, and before your next class.  Some instructors may allow you to use your own calculator but will require that its memory is cleared by test center workers.

Go to the CASA Math Test Center web site for the latest information on their Hours, Policies, Tutoring and Video Resources, and Contact Information.  Remember to bring your student photo ID, and your calculator if allowed - other books, phones, and personal items must be stored in the lockers. 

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The Math Test Center is administered through the Centers for Academic Support and Advancement (CASA).

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