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The following resources are starting points for information on careers in mathematical sciences.

Actuarial Profession Information

CAS: Casualty Actuarial Society
IABA: International Association of Black Actuaries
SOA: Society of Actuaries

2013: International Year of Statistics

Statistics as a Career

Graduate Student Career Information

AMS Careers Site

Undergraduate Student Career Information

Nonacademic Careers in the Mathematical Sciences (AMS)
MAA Careers Site
Mathematical Sciences Career Profiles (MAA)
MAA Math Classifieds
SIAM Careers Site
Careers in Mathematics - Purdue University West Lafayette
Index of Career Information (Math) - Towson State University 


Big Ten Grad School Expo at Purdue WL.

Actuarial career Q&A session, March 2013 at IPFW; Photos and PowerPoint slides from this event