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PI Math Club and Actuarial Students Club Events, 2017-18

  • Drew Swartz, Data Scientist at IRI Chicago, and IPFW Alumnus, A chat about Data Science careers, April 30.  PDF
  • Math Matters student talks event - April 18.  PDF
    • Melissa Sarrazine, Cellular Automata
    • Aiham Hassan, Pappus' Hexagon Theorem
    • Xiao Yuan, Modeling Dependence among Stock Prices
    • Giang Le, Numerical Investigation on the Solar System
    • Vincent Rivera, Solving Second-Order Recurrence Relations
    • Skyler Haas, IHSAA's Nearest Neighbor Nightmare
  • Event for Pi Day: 3-14-18.  PDF
  • Talk by Prof. Alan Legg, Sonoluminescence – light from sound, Feb. 7, 2018. PDF
  • 2017 Celebration of the Mathematical Mind Event: Monday, October 30
    • Photo page
    • Rockets in the Classroom: It Really is Rocket Science, Michael Hollman, NASA Student Launch Initiative Consultant 
    • Stamping Through Mathematics, Robin Wilson, Oxford University 
    • Here’s Looking at Euclid: 1000 Years of Greek Mathematics, Robin Wilson, Oxford University 
    • IPFW PI Math Club Welcome Back Picnic, Sept. 11, at the Friends Pavilion. PDF
  • Actuarial Club picnic at IPFW Alumni Building: July 13, 2017. PDF

PI Math Club and IPFW Actuarial Students Club Pictures, 2017-18

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