Graduate Studies

The MAT program does not currently have a cohort of students and is inactive.  The program could be re-activated if there are enough interested potential students.

The master’s program in mathematics education is a deeply immersive, 33 credit hour cohort program, carefully designed to provide professional growth for middle and secondary school mathematics teachers by scaffolding and intertwining theory and practice in mathematics education across four academic-year semesters and two summer sessions. Cohorts begin the spring semesters and conclude formal course work in the summer session, three semesters later.

There are a significant amount of graduate level mathematics courses in the plan of study, and as such, applicants are expected to have the prerequisites for these courses as part of their undergraduate curriculum. If an applicant does not have the prerequisite mathematics courses, they may be asked to complete the necessary work prior to admission to the program. Applicants with no abstract algebra or real analysis coursework at the MA 453 or MA 441 level in the undergraduate curriculum will need to complete one of these courses with an appropriate grade prior to admission to the program. Examples of these courses (MA 453, MA 441) may be found in the Purdue Fort Wayne Undergraduate Bulletin.

Please include a copy (not the original) of the license with your application packet.

Below is a sample plan of study:

Course Credits

Spring (first semester)


MA 575—Graph Theory



MA 598—Topics in Mathematics: Education




(first summer)



EDUA M550—Practicum Junior High/Middle School


EDUC P503—Introduction to Research


MA 556—Introduction to the Theory of Numbers


Summer Session II
Fall (second semester)


STAT 516—Basic Probability and Applications 3  
EDUC H538—Critical Thinking and Education 3  
Spring (third semester) 6  
EDUC N517/518—Advanced Study in the Teaching of Middle School/Secondary Mathematics 3  
MA 560—Fundamental Concepts of Geometry 3  
Summer (second summer) 6  
EDUC S590—Research in Secondary Education 3
Implementation of research question    
MA 580—History of Mathematics 3 Summer Session II

Fall (last semester)

Students conduct and write a final report of an original research project.    
Total Credits 33  

For more information, contact Dr. Sue Mau, Director of the M.A.T. program or visit the Purdue Fort Wayne Graduate Bulletin for more detailed course information.