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Certificate in Applied Statistics

Certificate in Applied Statistics

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics is designed to give engineers and technical managers the statistical knowledge and experience needed for good planning and quality control. Applicants must have completed a calculus and a statistics course to be admitted and can apply online.

Program Restrictions

All of the courses are offered starting 4:30 p.m. or later, two days a week; the certificate requires a grade of B or better in each course. At most, one course may be transferred from another institution. Courses applied toward the certificate may also be applied toward a Purdue University Fort Wayne master’s programs in mathematics.

Course Number Course Title Credits
Certificate Requirements (12 credit hours)
STAT 519 Introduction to Probability 3
STAT 528 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics 3
Two of the following:
STAT 512 Applied Regression Analysis 3
STAT 514 Design of Experiments 3
STAT 520 Time Series and Applications 3

For more detailed course information visit the Purdue Fort Wayne Graduate Bulletin. For questions, contact Doug Weakley at 260-481-6233 or via email at