College of Arts and Sciences

How to Register into your instructor's course
in eHW

  1. Obtain an access code. These are available  for purchase HERE.
    This will take you directly to the Webstore page for IPFW which 
    has a unique promotional code for IPFW students: IPFW2010
  2. In a Web browser, get to the IPFW eHW Page and click on the link to access Maple T.A.
  3. On the Maple TA login screen, enter the login and password provided on this card. Once logged in, you will be immediately asked to verify your information shown below.

validation step

  1. After you have typed the above, click Submit. 
    Once your changes have been accepted, you will be sent to the System Homepage.

  2. Click on Find classes open for registration. You will then see a list of sections, such as:

    validation step 2

  3. Check the box for the correct section and click Register.
    You will then be asked to confirm the class(es) in which you are registering.
    Click Confirm to complete the self-registration. 
    Click on the link for your section to get to your Class Homepage:

    validation step 3

    From this link, you will be able to take assignments, 
    view past results in the Gradebook in the top left corner, 
    or change your password by clicking the My Profile link in the top right corner.