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Use eHW from any Web access point to practice homework problems and get immediate scoring and feedback.

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Questions about eHW:
How do I get student access to use eHW?  

I forgot my username and password. Please help.

How do I use eHW?
Where can I get help troubleshooting?
Why is eHW required in College Algebra classes? 

What are the system requirements?

Questions and answers about eHW:

How do I get student access to use eHW?

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  • Click  HERE to enter the Webstore to purchase access for Spring 2020. If prompted for an access code use ACSP-2020-PUFW. More details on how to get access are found HERE.
    See also this set of instructions on how to get access and enroll in your math section.
    Note: If you purchased access in Fall 2019 or Summer 2019, you do not need to repurchase access. Just login above and self-enroll in the math section you are taking.
  • Student access is not available for purchase at the bookstore, but only online.

  • Sorry, you can not use a debit card. You must use a credit card or paypal. If you do not have either of these, perhaps you can find someone who can use their card to purchase it for you and you reimburse them.

I forgot my username and password. 

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  • Underneath the login use the "Forgot My Password" link. If the supplied email address was found in the system, the system will e-mail you a new password. One you use it to login, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and go to Password Update to change your password to something more familiar.  If the supplied e-mail address was not found in the system, it may be that your code has expired or that you entered it in the system incorrectly when you first registered. In this case, contact for help.

  • If you have purchased an access code but never entered the information into the system to associate it with your name, contact for help.

Where can I get help troubleshooting?

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  • Send an e-mail to for issues related to how eHW is working. Go to your instructor or the Tutoring Center ( Kettler G19) for help with how to answer the mathematical homework questions. 
    Important: In the subject line of your e-mail include "eHW".
    Be as specific as possible as to the problem.
    Be sure to include your full name and your course section. 

How do I use eHW?

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    Why is eHW used for College Algebra courses?

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      • Online homework has been shown to help students develop mastery of those algebraic techniques that are needed for problem solving and mathematical modeling, as well as for later course work.

      • Students sometimes share that they want to learn by watching the teacher do one example after another. This is not the best use of class time. In class, you work in teams to solve problems, communicate your reasoning, and see how mathematics can apply to your lives. Outside of class, online homework can enable you to see patterns through repeated practice, get immediate computer-graded feedback, and keep re-doing the assignment until you get it correct.

      • You only need access to a computer with an Internet connection such as those in the open-access labs on campus or, if off-campus, you could use computers in the public library. Some students have used the computers right in the Tutoring Center ( Kettler G19) to work on their eHW.

      • Once you complete an assignment, your score is immediately recorded in the instructor’s Gradebook. You need not print anything to submit to your instructor. At any time, you can view your results from past assignments and the worked out solutions by clicking on the Gradebook link.

      • You do not need to complete an assignment all in one sitting; however, you can only work on one assignment at a time. If you are interrupted during a homework assignment or quiz, you can log back into the system and return to the assignment where you left off. Your interaction with the system is saved as you move from one question to the next. If thunder strikes your computer during the assignment and you lose your connection prior to submitting it, everything up until the last question you were on will be saved. By the way, please stay off of a computer during a thunderstorm.

    System Requirements

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    • See these system requirements to confirm that you have all of the programs and hardware requirements that you will need to successfully use eHW