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College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Certificate in LGBT

LGBT Program Requirements

LGBT Courses (all required; 10 credits)

LGBT 20000 Introduction to Scholarship on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues 
Credits: 3

One of the following courses: (a) an LGBT course beyond LGBT 20000, (b) a course cross-listed as a GNDR course focusing on an LGBT topic at the 200 level or higher, or (c) an independent study course from any academic department focusing on an LGBT topic at the 200 level or higher. Students may request to substitute an LGBT-relevant course from another academic department in place of the independent study, as approved by the director of the LGBT program.  Credits: 3

LGBT 40000 Capstone Independent Study on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues Credits: 3
LGBT 40100 Portfolio Evaluation  Credits: 1

Sexuality Courses (select two  from different academic departments; 6 credits; no prerequisites for courses unless indicated)

PSY 44400 Human Sexual Behavior  Credits: 3
prerequisites: junior/senior standing and PSY 12000 (3 credits)
WOST W225 Gender, Sexuality, and Popular Culture  Credits: 3
WOST W340 Topics in Lesbian and Gay Culture  Credits: 3

Gender Courses (select one; 3 credits; no prerequisites for courses unless indicated)

ANTH E402 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective  Credits: 3
COM 41000 Gender Roles and Communication  Credits: 3
prerequisite: COM 11400 (3 credits)
OLS 45400  Gender and Diversity in Management  Credits: 3
prerequisite: OLS 25200 (3 credits)
PHIL 30500 Philosophical Theories of Feminism  Credits: 3
PSY 34500 Psychology of Women  Credits: 3
prerequisite: PSY 12000 (3 credits)
PSY 36500 The Development of Gender Roles in Children  Credits: 3
prerequisite: PSY 23500 or PSY 36900 (3 credits)
WOST W210 Introduction to Women’s Studies  Credits: 3
WOST W240 Topics in Feminism  Credits: 3
other courses focusing predominantly on gender approved by an LGBT certificate advisor  Credits: 3