College of Arts and Sciences

HIST H496 History Internship has been available at IPFW since 1988. The course was developed to provide academically able and self-motivated majors with practical experience in the public history field.

To enroll in the course, students would be of at least Junior academic standing with a minimum of twelve hours of related course work. Student applicants must first receive the permission of the faculty instructor, with consideration based upon such criteria as academic scholarship, dependability, and an ability to work with other people. There must also be an entry interview with the intern's proposed agency supervisor who has the right to accept or to reject any applicant based upon the agency's needs and the applicant's abilities. Community agencies include, but are not limited to:

  • the Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society (including the Old City Hall Museum and the Richardville House)
  • the Genealogy Department of the Allen County Public Library
  • the Lincoln Museum
  • ARCH, the local organization responsible for historic preservation

A student intern is expected to work for an agency 120 hours for three academic credit hours with the scheduled hours arranged between the intern and the agency supervisor. Each intern will be expected to maintain a logbook of her or his daily work and to complete a project (such as a research project, an exhibit, a public presentation, an historical tour, etc.) by the end of the term. Interns report to their faculty instructor once a week. An intern's grade is determined by the faculty instructor based upon information from the agency supervisor, evaluation of the intern's work and project, and any other relevant evidence.

Internship descriptive handouts are available from Dr. Christine Erickson.
Phone: 260-481-6695