College of Arts and Sciences

Checklist for Writing a Paper

  • Does your cover page have the necessary information in the appropriate position?
  • Is there a title centered at the top of the first page of text?
  • Are the pages numbered?
  • Does the introductory paragraph give the reader a clear idea of the purpose and organization of the paper? Do subsequent paragraphs point in the same direction?
  • Have you identified fully all individuals mentioned in your paper?
  • Is the text centered on the page?
  • Have you left one-inch margins?
  • Have you provided a note for each quotation and paragraph? Do your citations conform to Turabian or the Style Notes? Are your notes single-spaced?
  • Have you used a form of the past tense throughout your paper?
  • Have you provided chronological references? Have you attempted to be as specific as possible (day, month, year)?
  • Have you checked for spelling errors?
  • Have you checked for proper grammar and punctuation?
  • Have you checked for complete sentences?
  • Have you included a graphics component? Have you provided a label?
  • Is your bibliography arranged alphabetically? Do your citations conform to Turabian or the Style Notes? Have you provided annotations?