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College of Liberal Arts

Minor in Religious Studies

Transdisciplinary in approach and global in scope, the program in Religious
Studies provides students with a firm grounding in the academic study of
religion through the informed investigation of the phenomenon of religion in
diverse historical, social, cultural, and political contexts. Coupling the
acquisition of broad knowledge of the world's religious traditions-past and
present-with a critical apprehension of the methods and tools scholars use
to study them, the program serves as excellent preparation for further
graduate study in the field as well as furnishing students with skills and
knowledge highly valued in career paths as varied as law, social work, the
ministry, education, the nonprofit sector, and journalism to name but a few.

Students may earn a minor in religious studies by completing the following
18 credits with a grade of C or better in each course and earning at least 9
credits as resident credit at IPFW. Substitutions for these courses may be
made with the approval of the department program coordinator.

Core Courses:  9 credits
All of the following:

REL 11200:  Religion and Culture
REL 23000:  Religions of the East
REL 32100:  Religions of the West                    

Religious Traditions:  3 credits
One of the following:

REL 30000:  Religions of the Ancient World
REL 30100:  Islam
REL 30200:  Christianity
REL 30500:  Judaism
REL 30600:  Hinduism
REL 30700:  Buddhism
REL 31100:  African Traditional Philosophy & Religion

Thematic And Comparative:  3 credits
One of the following:

REL 29300:  Topics in Religious Studies
REL 31200:  The Black Religious Experience
REL 31400:  Religion and Violence
REL 31500:  Religion and Women
REL 32100:  Religion and the Civil Rights Movement
REL 32300:  Religion and Popular Culture
REL 37500:  Islamic Thought
REL 37800:  The Qur'an in Muslim Life
REL 38100:  Islam and Modernity
REL 40100:  Studies in Sacred Texts
REL 40200:  Mysticism
REL 49300:  Undergraduate Seminar
REL 49500:  Readings in Religious Studies

Cognate:  3 credits
One of the following:

ANTH E455:  Anthropology of Religion
ANTH E462:  Anthropological Folklore
CLAS C205:  Classical Mythology
CLAS C405:  Comparative Mythology
FOLK F252:   Folklore and the Humanities
FOLK F305:   Asian Folklore
FOLK F352:   Native American Folklore
HIST C392:   History of the Modern Near East
HIST C393:   Ottoman History
PHIL 20600:  Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 30200:  History of Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 43100:  Contemporary Religious Thought
SOC S313:    Religion and Society

For more information, please contact Dr. Erik Ohlander

Phone: 260-481-0504