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Dr. Deborah Bauer

Dr. Deborah BauerDeborah Bauer, Assistant Professor
LA 205
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Deborah Bauer received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2013.  She has published and given conference presentations on the development of professional intelligence and counter-intelligence services in France from 1870 through 1914.  She is currently working on her book manuscript, tentatively titled Marianne is Watching: Knowledge, Secrecy, Intelligence, and the Origins of the French Surveillance State.  Her current research interests lie in the history of emotions, and life and politics within France and the French Empire.  Most recently, she has embarked on new work exploring the history of Madagascar under the period of the French Protectorate (1885–1895). 

Research Interests:

Modern France, French Empire, History of Espionage/Intelligence

History of Intelligence – Bauer’s work in this area focuses on the development of professional intelligence services in France in the half-century prior to WWI. Her research explores the process whereby intelligence made its way into the state bureaucracy, and how understandings of spies and the danger they pose spread through both the political and the public spheres.

History of Empire – recent research into one particular espionage case has led Bauer’s research into an entirely new direction.  This newest research, carried out in summer of 2015 in archives in Paris and Aix-en-Provence with the help of a research grant, explores the French presence in Madagascar at the end of the nineteenth century.  For a decade, the island nation was under the ambiguous designation of “Protectorate;” this new research aims to understand what that really meant, to various parties, “on the ground.”



“Planting the Espionage Tree: The French Military and the Professionalization of Intelligence at the end of the Nineteenth Century,” Intelligence and National Security, Vol. 31(5), 2016.

“Georges Boulanger: The Third Republic’s Spy Master?,” in Proceedings of the Western Society for French History, Vol. 39, 2011.

Book review: “Women and Work in Eighteenth-Century France by Daryl M. Hafter, Nina Kushner, eds.” in Enterprise and Society, September 2015.



Fall 2017

-HIST B345 - History of Espionage

-HIST 114 European History 1500 - present

Spring 2018

-HIST B327 Modern France/French Empire

-HIST H114 European History 1500 to Present

-HIST H225 Topics World History: Empires