College of Arts and Sciences

Certificate Requirements

To earn the certificate, you must:

  1. Complete all requirements for a bachelor's degree
  2. Complete, with the approval of the program's advisory committee, 18 additional credits from the following list with a grade of C or higher in each course

No more than one independent-reading or internship course may be taken from the same department.

Course number Course title
Credits in six of the following couses:
ANTH E320 Indians of North America
ECON E360 Public Finance: Survey
EDUC E400 Education in the Inner City
EDUC E403 Education in the Innery City Practicum
FOLK F220 Introduction to American Folklore
HIST A349 Afro-American History
HIST T425 Topics in History (when appropriate)
MUS M395 Contemporary Jazz and Soul Music
PHIL 493 Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Seminar (when topic is black philosophy)
POLS Y398 Internship in Urban Institutions
SOC S300 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC S494 Field Experience in Sociology
FINA H415 Art of Pre-Columbian America
Total Credits:   18