College of Arts and Sciences

Department of English and Linguistics - Teacher Certificate

Teacher Certification Concentration Goals 

Graduates will demonstrate particular strengths in:

  • Understanding the elements of literature, language, and communication appropriate for a secondary-school teacher of English
  • Applying their knowledge of literature, language, and communication to the teaching of others


(21 Credits Plus 32 Professional Education Credits)

To be eligible for teacher certification, you must earn a GPA of 2.00 or higher in each general education area. You should work closely with your advisor to ensure completion of general education requirements. You must also earn a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher in your major area and the professional education courses. Each professional education course must be completed with a grade of C or better.

The School of Education requires that you first complete EDUA  F300, EDUC W200/M101, and EDUC K201 before you are permitted to take professional education courses. Prior to your junior year, you must successfully complete the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) before admission to the teacher education program. The PRAXIS II Specialty Area Exam must be completed before or during the student-teaching semester, normally in your senior year.

  • Credits (3) in one additional course in language study
  • Credits (3) in one course in ethnic, minority, or non-Western literature
  • Credits (3) in one course in Western literature other than British or American
  • Credits (3) in one course in mass communication, including journalism and film
  • Credits (3) in one additional course, 300 level or higher, in writing, literature, language study, or mass communication
  • ENG L391 - Literature for Young Adults
  • ENG W400 - Issues in Teaching Writing

School of Education Requirements

Prior to being admitted to the teacher education program, you must complete Group I courses and pass the PPST.

Initial Requirements

  • EDUA F300 - Topical Exploration in Education
  • EDUC K201 - Schools, Society, and Exceptionality
  • EDUC M101 - Laboratory/Field Experience
  • EDUC W200 - Using Computers for Education

Block I

  • EDUC H340 - Education and American Culture
  • EDUC K206 - Teaching Methods for Students with Special Needs
  • EDUC P250 - General Educational Psychology
  • EDUC M201 - Laboratory/Field Experience

Block II

  • EDUC M447 - Methods of Teaching High School English
  • EDUC M401 - Laboratory/Field Experience
  • EDUC P253 - Educational Psychology for Secondary Teachers
  • EDUC M301 - Laboratory/Field Experience
  • EDUC X401 - Critical Reading in the Content Area

Student Teaching

  • EDUC M480 - Student Teaching in the Secondary School
  • EDUC M501 - Lab/Field Experience

Middle School Certification (Recommended)

  • EDUC M470 - Practicum


Students may additionally seek a certificate or license add-on in Teaching English as a New Language.

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