College of Arts and Sciences

Department of English and Linguistics - Communication Media Concentration

English and Communication Media Concentration Goals

Graduates will demonstrate particular strengths in:

  • Understanding the history and operation of mass media
  • Being able to produce a range of materials for a variety of public audiences


Bachelor of Arts - Communications Media Concentration

  • Credits in two 300- or 400-level writing courses (ENGL 33101, W350, 46500, 39800, 42002, 46201; COM 31001) credits: 6
  • Credits in classics, comparative literature, English, film, or folklore credits: 3
  • COM 20000 - Reporting, Writing and Editing I

Plus one of the following Credits: 3

  • COM 250 - Mass Communication and Society
  • JOUR C200 - Mass Communications
  • JOUR J110 - Foundations of Journalism and Mass Communication


In addition, you must complete a minor in one of the following outside fields: business studies, communication studies, journalism, international language and culture studies, professional writing, or fine arts. No more than 6 credits applied to the minor will apply to the major.

*Beginning Fall 2019, this concentration will transition to Digital Literacy. Please speak with your advisor, or contact the English Department Lead Advisor, Dr. Rumsey, to discuss options in the interim.