College of Arts and Sciences

Department of English and Linguistics - Language Concentration

English Language Concentration Goals

Graduates will demonstrate particular strengths in:

  • Understanding the rules of operation and social connections of natural languages, especially English
  • Knowing the evolution of the English language
  • Using the analytical and descriptive tools of English linguistics


Credits in two additional courses in linguistics (including CSD 30600), the English language, anthropological linguistics (including ANTH 20002 and 40001), or psycholinguistics (including CSD 18100, CSD 18200, CSD 30900; PSY 42600, PSY 52600) credits: 6 

One of the following Credits: 3

  • LING 10300 - Introduction to the Study of Language
  • LING 30300 - Introduction to Linguistic Analysis

One of the following Credits: 3

  • ENGL 40102 - History of the English Language
  • ENGL 40401 - Old English Language and Literature

One of the following Credits: 3

  • COM 52100 - Theories of Rhetoric
  • ENGL 46201 - Studies in Rhetoric and Composition
  • LING 46000 - Language in Society


The department recommends the study of a second foreign language with a foreign-language minor.

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