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About Us

Department of English and Linguistics - Shannon Bischoff


Professor & Director of TENL


When Dr. Bischoff isn't lost in an x-bar following traces or engaging a null argument, he enjoys folding soup.


University of Arizona

Ph.D., Linguistics; Double Major: Formal Syntax/Morphology & Anthropology; Minor: Computational Linguistics (FST) (2007)

University of Arizona

M.A., Linguistics; Formal Syntax/Morphology (2005)

University of Montana

M.A., Linguistics; Double Major: TESOL & Anthropology (2001)

University of Alaska, Anchorage

B.A., English Literature (1996)

Areas of Expertise

Language; Linguistics; Linguistic Anthropology; Minority, Endangered, and Lesser Studied Languages; Language Documentation and Preservation; Bi-/Multilingualism; Code-switching; Syntax; Morphology; Language, identity, and access to resources; Computational Linguistics (Applied FST)


  • LING 47000 TENL Practicum
  • LING 53500 TESOL Practicum
  • LING 48500 Special Topics: Language and Politics (co-taught)
  • ENGL 20600 Intro Study of Grammar
  • ENGL 20501 Intro English Language
  • LING 10300 Intro Study of Language
  • LING 31000 Syntax
  • LING 54300 Syntactic Analysis
  • ENGL 43200 Second Language Acquisition
  • LING 53201 Second Language Acquisition
  • LING 46000 Language in Society
  • LING 51601 Language and Society
  • LING 50500 Professional Scholarship in Language Study and Linguistics