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The Department of English and Linguistics is responsible for writing instruction and general education courses in literature, folklore, linguistics, and related fields. It offers undergraduate and master's-level degree programs in English, as well as minors in English, creative writing, folklore, linguistics, and professional writing.


The Writing Program

Upon completion of basic courses in the writing program (ENGL 12900, 13100, 14000, 23301), students should:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking through the interrelated activities of reading and writing. For example, students might annotate, respond to, and formally evaluate texts and analyze, synthesize, and interpret their writings and those of peers and professionals.
  • Read and write clearly and persuasively in various rhetorical contexts. For example, students might read and write expressive, persuasive, and informative papers for personal, public, and academic audiences using the processes, formats, and styles appropriate for these audiences.
  • Apply methods of inquiry appropriate to various rhetorical contexts so that students move beyond mere reporting of information to make an original contribution to knowledge. For example, students might do primary and secondary research ranging from introspection to the use of public sources.

The English Major

All Purdue University Fort Wayne graduates with a major in English will be able:

  • To write critically, precisely, and persuasively, especially about topics relevant to the major field and selected concentration.
  • To communicate knowledge of literary and linguistic conventions and traditions, especially those of America and England.
  • To demonstrate the ability to use research tools and methods appropriate to their selected concentration.

Additionally, all Purdue University Fort Wayne graduates with a major in English will possess knowledge and skills appropriate to their selected concentration.