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Curricula and Careers

The CSD program concentrates on issues related to understanding and improving the circumstances for those individuals who have communication disorders. At Purdue Fort Wayne, the degree which our students will likely be seeking is a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Speech and Hearing Therapy. Our graduates will be well oriented toward pursuing careers as speech-language pathologists (SLP) or audiologists (A).

Meeting with Our Faculty

Each faculty member will post office hours on his or her door at the beginning of each semester. Office hours convey times for students to interact with our knowledgeable faculty, ask questions, and have discussions about course material and the fields of audiology and speech pathology. Many of our faculty members are available by appointment if posted office hours do not coordinate with a given student's schedule. In the event of rare, unavoidable circumstances, a professor may not be available as scheduled. In such event, our administrative assistant will be able to assist with rescheduling appointments.