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Student Opportunities


The Department of Communication encourages students to participate in an internship during their junior or senior years. Internships benefit students in a number of ways, including:

  • Students will get a feel for the ways in which an education in communication is translated into the world of work.
  • An internship will advance that education even further.
  • Students will be more viable in the job market upon graduation because of their experience.

The Department is committed to developing internship opportunities for all Communication majors. Students within the various communications programs have interned at many different types of sites, including broadcast stations, advertising agencies, and social service organizations. We will work with you to find an appropriate site for your internship, although your active pursuit of internship sites will serve you well in developing job-seeking skills.

Internship Guidelines

To begin the internship process, please review the Department of Communication internship guidelines.

  • Internships should be limited to junior and senior students.
  • Interns can earn 1 to 3 credits per semester -
           For 1 credit: hours worked are approximately 2.5 to 5.0 per week, 40 to 79 total.
           For 2 credits: hours worked are approximately 5.0 to 7.5 per week, 80 to 119 total.
           For 3 credits: hours worked are approximately 7.5 to 10 per week, 120 to 160 total.
  • Mid-term and final evaluations of the student's performance by the on-site supervisor will be part of the overall evaluative process.
  • The student will provide a written debriefing of the experience to the Internship Director.

Contact Information

For more information, you can contact your PFW advisor or Dan Reed, Internship Coordinator.

What supervisors expect from incoming interns in terms of skills/knowledge:  The following are some of the skills/knowledge supervisors expect interns to possess before starting an internship:  

  • Professional dress and attitude
  • People skills
  • Willingness to learn
  • Willingness to take on responsibility
  • Willingness to take risks
  • Willingness to ask questions
  • Solid grammar and spelling
  • Detail oriented
  • AP Style a plus/inverted pyramid style in writing news (if applicable to the position)

What interns will do/learn:  Interns’ duties are quite varied depending upon the employer and position. It is a great experience for interns to become familiarized with the different aspects of the work environment and these experiences are a real plus on a resume.
For details on internship opportunities available to students in around the Fort Wayne area, check out the following attachment - Internship Opportunities for Students