College of Arts and Sciences


As of October 2009, you now can download the Plan of Study form with many of the required fields already pre-filled for IPFW candidates for the Master of Arts in Professional Communication.

If you need to make changes to the Plan of Study, you will need to complete a Form GS-13, Request for Change to the Plan of Study. You can download this form from  Make sure you print it off, get all necessary signatures, and then submit it to the Graduate Program Director.

There are circumstances where you may request exceptions to requirements.  These can include having independent studies count toward the degree, taking graduate-level coursework outside of Communication, counting a course toward a theory core requirement, or repeating a 500-level course for graduate credit.  In such cases, you need to complete a Request for Curricular Exception.  Note that failure to request approval for such exceptions may result in not having the course count toward the graduate degree.


In order for the Plan of Study form to work correctly, you should load it into Adobe Acrobat. Using other web browser plug-ins or third party PDF readers may cause unpredictable results.

For the top part of the form, provide "Date Degree Expected," your name, and your PUID number. For your PUID, make sure to use your Purdue ID (PUID), which you can find by logging in to or looking on a grade report. Note that this is a different number from your IPFW ID. If you cannot successfully locate this number, contact the Grad Program Director who will assist you in finding this number before you submit the form.

You will need to indicate whether you will take the Thesis or Nonthesis option to complete your degree. If you select the Nonthesis option, then you also will need to indicate whether you will complete a Nonthesis Project or take Comprehensive Exams to fulfill your degree requirements.

For the middle part of the form, make sure you list at least one (1) Methods Course and three (3) Theories Courses. These are already pre-filled on the form, and only require you to select those courses from the drop-down menu.

If you took any courses as a non-degree seeking post-baccalaureate student and then later applied as a degree-seeking candidate, make sure you check "Non-degree Regis" for the courses taken before you were accepted as a degree-seeking candidate.

Make sure you include the date by which you completed or that you plan to complete each course.

For the remaining Specialization Courses, you will need to type in this information on your own. If you took more than one (1) Methods Course or more than three (3) Theories Courses, you can include those additional courses here and have them count toward your Specialization requirement.

The form should list a total of 12 courses or 36 credit hours. If you list additional courses on the Plan of Study, you will not be able to graduate unless you take all of the courses listed.

Please note that in listing any "Special Topics" courses such as COM 590 or COM 597 that you take or plan to take, you must list the course title exactly as it appears on the course schedule for that semester or on your grade transcript. If you list the generic title, such as "Special Topics in Communication" or "Independent Study," your Plan of Study will come back unapproved and you may not be able to graduate.

Once you have competed the form, print a hard copy and bring it to the Grad Program Director, who will check it first and have you get signatures from your committee. Once you have those signatures, return it to the Grad Program Director, who will see that it gets sent to West Lafayette.