College of Arts and Sciences

Beginning in Spring 2020, the Office of Graduate Studies will only accept electronic plans of study.

Graduation from our program requires that you submit and receive approval for a Plan of Study. The Plan of Study lists all courses that you have taken, as well as courses that you intend to take, in order to earn a degree. It also lists three graduate faculty members, including a chair, who have agreed to serve on your advisory committee. Students completing either a thesis or non-thesis project must first secure an approved Plan of Study, including faculty members who have consented to serve on your advisory committee, before you can register for COM 698. Failure to secure an approved Plan of Study may significantly delay your graduation date.

There are circumstances where you may request exceptions to requirements for the degree program.  These can include having independent studies count toward the degree, taking graduate-level coursework outside of Communication, counting a course toward a theory core requirement, or repeating a 500-level course for graduate credit.  In such cases, you need to complete a Request for Curricular Exception for each proposed exception. Note that failure to secure approval for any exception may result in having one or more courses count toward the graduate degree. In some extreme cases, this may result in a delay or failure to graduate.

Purdue Career Account

In order to begin your Plan of Study. You will need your Purdue Career Account username and password. If you do not know your username, you can look it up in the Purdue Directory. If you do not know your password, then you will need to contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance.

Logging in to myPurdue

Once you know your Purdue Career Account username and password, you will need to log in to myPurdue. Under the Academics tab, find the Graduate Students box and select the Graduate School Plan of Study. Once you've logged in, select the Plan of Study Generator, and then Create New Plan of Study. For more information on starting a new Electronic Plan of Study, please refer to the Purdue Graduate School Electronic Plan of Study Student Instructions.

Course Work

When you add courses to the form, make sure you list COM 500 Introduction to Graduate Studies in Communication, at least one (1) Methods Course and three (3) Theories Courses. Refer to the Course Rotation for more information about these requirements.

The form should list a total of 12 courses or 36 credit hours. If you list additional courses on the Plan of Study, you will not be able to graduate unless you take all of the courses listed.

Please note that in listing any "Special Topics" courses such as COM 590 or COM 597 that you take or plan to take, you must list the course title exactly as it appears on the course schedule for that semester or on your grade transcript. If you list the generic title, such as "Special Topics in Communication" or "Independent Study," your Plan of Study will come back unapproved and you may not be able to graduate.