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The Purdue University Graduate Staff Employment Manual covers all policies and guidelines for graduate research and teaching assistantships.

PFW requires that any student with a graduate assistantship maintain regular progress toward graduation. In most cases, this requirement means enrollment in a minimum of two (2) graduate level courses per semester.  Graduate assistants usually teach two (2) sections of COM 114 (the basic course) and take two (2) classes.  In certain specific situations, such as a graduating semester in the Spring, students can petition the Department one (1) semester in advance to enroll in three (3) credit hours of graduate-level course and/or research work and receive an assistantship.  Federal law requires that international students holding an assistantship must take six (6) credit hours each semester to fulfill visa requirements, regardless of Program requirements.

Graduate assistantships will be awarded to the most qualified applicants based on the number of openings available. Graduate assistants receive a tuition reduction and stipend. In order to to receive a tuition reduction, you must complete and submit an IPFW Fee Remission form, available from the Bursar +. If an international student has a teaching assistantship, visa requirements allow the student to take two (2) classes and maintain student status.

COM 598 Synthesis Research, an option for students who have completed coursework but who have not yet completed degree requirements, is a zero (0) credit hour course.  In some limited circumstances, a student may use this course for one semester to hold an assistantship.

For more information regarding assistantships, contact the Basic Course Director.

For more information regarding eligibility for obtaining and keeping assistantships, contact the Graduate Program Director.