College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Biology - Staff

Bruce J. Arnold

image of Mr. Arnold

Biology Lab Manager

  • Office: Science Building 332
  • Phone: 260-481-6307
  • E-mail:

Bruce Arnold is the lab manager for the biology department at Purdue FW. He ensures the functionality of the laboratory classes, departmental facilities, and departmental resources and supplies. He also maintains the department's computers.

Carla Barrettimage of Ms. Barrett

LSRC Manager

Carla provides support for the teaching and research needs of the department.

Darlene F. BenderBender, Dar

Biology Department Secretary

  • Office: Science Building 330
  • Phone: 260-481-6040
  • E-mail:

Dar is the office supervisor and administrative assistant to the Chair. She provides general assistance to faculty and students, helps with course scheduling, departmental budgeting, payroll and travel documents, and maintenance of graduate program student files.

Krohn, Colleen

Colleen Krohn

Biology Department Secretary

Colleen is the first to speak to many persons contacting the Department of biology. She provides general assistance to faculty, students, and the Chair. She also maintains all undergraduate biology student files and assists in the preparation if the triennial BIOscope newsletter.

Arlis J. LaMaster

image of Ms. LaMaster

Lab Technician, Safety Coordinator

Arlis LaMaster's duties in the biology department include lab preparation for BIO 218, BIO 220, and BIO 437. She also teaches the microbiology labs for BIO 220 during summer sessions. She is in charge of safety training for the biology department.