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image of Dr. Honarvar

Research Assistant Professor


  • Hoge School van Utrecht, 2000, ing. (Dutch engineering degree)
  • University of Pennsylvania, 2004, M.Sc
  • Drexel University, 2008, Ph.D.

Other Information

Dr. Honarvar is an ecologist and conservation biologist. Her research program focuses primarily on sea turtle ecology, population biology, and conservation biology. She has 13 years experience working on marine turtles in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Equatorial Guinea. The goal of her work is to identify and monitor change and to project trends through long-term data collection and analysis of population dynamics in nesting sea turtles. Specific areas of interest also include investigating environmental and physiological factors that affect egg development and hatching success in sea turtle nests, and translating this knowledge into real world applications to inform conservation strategies.