College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Biology - Faculty

Scott Bergeson

Wildlife biology and conservation with an emphasis on human impacts, thermoregulation, and bats

Elliott J. Blumenthal (Chair)
Immunology, immunosenescence, cancer, anthocyanins

William E. Cooper (Emeritus)
Ecology and evolution of behavior, with emphasis on antipredatory and foraging behavior

Jaiyanth Daniel
Molecular biology of protein-lipid interactions in bacterial cells

Benjamin Dattilo

Marine invertebrate ecology, paleoecology, and biogenic sediments

Shree S. Dhawale (Emeritus)

Biodegradation, molecular mechanisms of antibiotic resistance, cancer

Julie Feightner


Robert B. Gillespie
Ecotoxicology, aquatic ecology, and water quality monitoring

Mark A. Jordan

Molecular and evolutionary ecology of vertebrates, especially fish, amphibians and reptiles

Bruce A. Kingsbury
Ecology and conservation of vertebrates, especially reptiles

Connie Kracher

Oral Biological and Diagnostic Sciences, Faculty Mentor in the Pre-Professional Programs – Pre-Dent, Pre-Med, and Pre-Pharm

Jordan M. Marshall

Plant ecology and distribution; invasion biology

Karen McLellan
Human Anatomy & Physiology Instructor 

George Mourad (Emeritus)
Molecular genetics to address membrane transporters central to nucleobase biochemistry

Ahmed Mustafa
Stress physiology; aquatic biology; fisheries and aquaculture

Frank V. Paladino

Comparative vertebrate physiology, marine sea turtle physiology and ecology

Rebecca Palu

Natural genetic variation, cellular and metabolic stress, Drosophila melanogaster

Tanya Soule
Microbial stress responses; cyanobacteria; microbial ecology