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College of Arts and Sciences

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Lead Advisor

Contact Information

Anthropology & Sociology ANTH Lead Advisor: Douglas Kline, Ph.D.
SOC Lead Advisor: Donna Holland, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant: Amy Carter
Admin Assist Phone: 260-481-6842
Biology Lead Advisor: Elliott Blumenthal, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant: Colleen Krohn
Admin Assist Phone: 260-481-6305
Chemistry Lead Advisor: Michael Columbia, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant: Jayla Heller
Admin Assist Phone: 260-481-6289
Communication Lead Advisor: Michelle Kelsey, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant: Elana Merrit
Admin Assist Phone: 260-481-6825
Communication Sciences and Disorders Lead Advisor: Stacy Betz, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant: Joanne Blosser
Admin Assist Phone: 260-481-6410
English and Linguistics (& Philosophy) ENGL Lead Advisor: Andrew Kopec, Ph.D. & Suzanne Rumsey, Ph.D.
PHIL Lead Advisor: Jeff Lauer, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant: Carrie Adams
Admin Assist Phone: 260-481-6841
History Lead Advisor: Ann Livschiz, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant: Teri Luce
Admin Assist Phone: 260-481-6686
International Language and Culture Studies Lead Advisor: Ana Benito, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant: Suzanne Randall
Admin Assist Phone: 260-481-6836
Mathematical Sciences Lead Advisor: Peter Dragnev, Ph.D.
Lead Advisor: Yvonne Zubovic, Ph.D.
Lead Advisor: Joe Francis, FSA (Actuary-in-Residence)
Administrative Assistant: Yvette Zahir
Admin Assist Phone: 260-481-6821
Physics (& Geosciences) PHYS Lead Advisor: Gang Wang, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant: Melissa Froderman
Admin Assist Phone: 260-481-6306
Political Science & Women’s Studies
*including pre-law
POLS Lead Advisor: Georgia Wralstad Ulmschneider, J.D.
NSO Lead: Michael Wolf, Ph.D. Administrative Assistant/ Teri Luce
WOST Lead Advisor: Janet Badia, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant: Hayley King
ECON Lead Advisor: Nodir Adilov, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant: Kathy Bergoff
Admin Assist Phone: 260-481-6686
Admin Assist Phone: 260-481-6686
Admin Assist Phone: 260-481-6794
Psychology Lead Advisor: Michael Bendele, Ph.D.
Administrative Assistant: Michelle Stewart
Admin Assist Phone: 260-481-6403
A&S Student Success Center

Director of Advising & Student Success Center:
Marietta W.Frye, M.A.
Pre-Professional Advisor, Assistant Director of Advising & Student Success Center: Carrie Randall, M.S., M.L.S.
BIOL & Natural Science Advisor: Marcy Ball, M.S.
PSY & Social Science Advisor: Taylor Heath, M.P.A.
Student Records Coordinator: Deb Hoile, A.A. GS
College Administrative Assistant: Sue Miller, B.A.
College Office: 260-481-6160