Important: New Academic Organizational Structure in Effect July 1
As of July 1, the College of Arts and Sciences has split into two new colleges: the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Science. Learn more here.
College of Arts and Sciences

COAS Interim Dean Ron Friedman

Dean’s Message

The disciplines that comprise the College of Arts and Sciences at Purdue University Fort Wayne are, collectively, the center of academic life on campus.  With programs of study that range throughout the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities, the College of Arts and Sciences traces its roots to the very genesis of the modern university itself.  The medieval university—with a curriculum based in the trivium (rhetoric, grammar, and logic) and the quadrivium (arithmetic, astronomy, music, and geometry)—set forth a model for modern education built around the liberal arts.  An education based in the liberal arts combines broad knowledge across a spectrum of disciplines with intensive study in a primary field in order to provide students with the skills needed not only to become life-long learners and knowledgeable citizens, but also to compete and succeed in the information-rich economy of the twenty-first century. 

Increasingly, the job marketplace in the U.S. is shifting toward a workforce that has advanced communication and problem-solving skills. Jobs require a changing and increasingly complex set of skills, and students who have the ability to solve problems, be creative, make decisions, and show leadership in this environment have the ability to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.  The College of Arts and Sciences at Purdue Fort Wayne prepares students to meet these challenges.

Degree programs in the College of Arts and Sciences prepare students to deal with complex systems, to be able to adapt and innovate in a dynamic twenty-first century workplace, and to engage thoughtfully with a diverse range of experiences.  Students in the College of Arts and Sciences gain both broad scientific and cultural knowledge of the world, as well as in-depth knowledge of a specific field of inquiry (represented by the student’s chosen major).  In the College of Arts and Sciences, we discover how things work, why they work, and what they mean.  Students in the College of Arts and Sciences work side by side with faculty members to discover new knowledge, solve problems, develop communication stills and strategies, and cultivate the analytical skills prized by top employers across the nation and around the globe.

Our commitment to our students is to provide them with high quality programs, to prepare them for life-long success, and to support them through excellent advising and personalized mentoring from nationally and internationally recognized faculty members.  In the College of Arts and Sciences, we measure our success through the growth and success of our students, and we strive to provide all students with opportunities and encouragement at every stage of their undergraduate and graduate experience. 

Ron Friedman
Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Professor of Chemistry