College of Professional Studies

Student Grade Appeal Policy and Procedures

The Student Grade Appeal Policy applies to all students enrolled in an IPFW College of Health and Human Services (HHS) course offered by the College.  Students who have evidence or believe evidence exists that a course grade, similar evaluation, or student progression decision was made as a result of prejudice, caprice, or other improper conditions, such as mechanical error, may appeal that action.   Complaints concerning actions or decisions of faculty or staff members of the College which are claimed to violate rights established in the IPFW Student Code under Part I except Part I.A.3 or Part I.A.4. should follow the College’s Student Complaint Policy.  Complaints of discrimination or harassment (Part I.A.3 or Part I.A.4) should be taken to the University Affirmative Action Officer.  Students may seek advice by meeting with the IPFW Dean of Students or the College of Health and Human Services Dean or designee.

In appealing, the student must support that an improper decision has been made and specify the remedy sought in writing on the Appeal Procedure Checklist form.  The student may seek the assistance of the IPFW Dean of Students in pursuing the appeal.  The student may have an advisor or friend present during all meetings with faculty members, administrators, and/or committees. The advisor or friend may advise the student but may not speak for the student during meetings.

In the case of a grade appeal, a course grade can only be changed by a university authority upon the recommendation of the IPFW Grade Appeals Subcommittee or by the instructor any time prior to the Grade Appeals Subcommittee’s decision.

Members of the Student Appeals Committee

The College of Health and Human Services Student Appeals Committee is comprised of one faculty member from each department of the College. 

Student Appeal Deadlines

An appeal must be initiated no later than the fourth week of the fall or spring semester immediately following the session in which the action being appealed occurred.  Following initiation of an appeal, decisions at each step listed below must be reported within 20 calendar days, provided this deadline falls within the regular student year (fall or spring semester).  If the deadline falls during the summer, the decision must be reported within 20 calendar days of the start of the fall semester. Each successive step in the appeals procedure must be initiated by the student within 20 calendar days of the completion of the prior step.  Time lines may be extended at the agreement of all parties.

Student Appeal Process

  1. Faculty Member:  An attempt should be made by the student to reconcile the concern or conflict with the faculty member. The student should schedule an appointment with the course faculty to discuss the grade or action and try to resolve the issue. If meeting with the faculty member does not resolve the issue, the student may seek informal mediation from the Department Chair.  See Student Grade Appeal Checklist
  2. A. Department Chair:  The student must submit the allegation that an improper decision or action was made and specify the remedy sought, in writing using the Student Appeals Procedure Checklist.  A meeting with the student will be held to discuss the appeal. After meeting with the student, the Department Chair will send a written recommendation with supporting documentation concerning the appeal to the student.  If the appeal is not resolved, the student may proceed to Step 2.
    B. College:   The student shall submit the appeal in writing to the Dean of the College of Health and Human Services.  The Dean will notify the Chair of the College Student Appeals Committee regarding the appeal and forward the written appeal. The Committee Chair will request the student and the instructor to submit detailed, written documentation substantiating evidence regarding the grade or action in question.  After reading the documentation submitted by both parties, the College committee will meet separately with the student, course faculty, and the Department Chair to clarify questions regarding the case.  Each party may bring an advisor or friend to the meeting with the College Committee.  The advisor or friend may advise the student, course faculty or Department Chair, but may not speak for the student, course faculty, or the Department Chair during meetings.  The College committee will deliberate and the Committee Chair will make a written recommendation with documentation of their findings and present it to the College Dean and notify, in writing, the student, faculty member, and Department Chair of the committee’s recommendation.  Copies of the recommendation should be submitted to the Department Chair, College Dean, members of the College Student Appeals Committee, and the IPFW Dean of Students.
    C. College Dean:  The College Dean will make a recommendation after receiving the recommendation of the College Appeals Committee and considers the documents. The Dean will notify in writing, the student, faculty member, Department Chair, Student Appeal Committee members, and the IPFW Dean of Students.
  3. Campus:  If the appeal has not been resolved at Step 3, the student may schedule an appointment with the IPFW Dean of Students, who will direct the student procedurally in submitting the case to the appropriate University appeals body. 


Reference:  the IPFW Bulletin, “Academic Regulations”   March 2008                 Revised 8-25-2010

 Student Grade Appeal Checklist