College of Health and Human Services

Medical Imaging and Radiologic Sciences

Looking to the Future

Medical Imaging and Radiologic Sciences (MIRS) is enthusiastic about the future of healthcare education in Northeast Indiana and our opportunity for enhanced partnership with Indiana University, effective July 1, 2018. At that time, the Medical Imaging program will continue as it always has in Fort Wayne but will transition to being directly managed by IU.

MIRS is focused on collaborating with IU to positively impact the future of medical imaging in Fort Wayne while maintaining our high quality program and excellent outcomes. We will continue to award a Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging from Indiana University and expect no impact on degree completion for our students during or after the transition.


  1. Will I be able to complete the medical imaging program in Fort Wayne?

The medical imaging program will continue to be offered in Fort Wayne as it always has been.

Students may continue to complete pre-requisite and general education courses in Fort Wayne through Purdue University, or through any accredited college or university, as they always have.

As in the past, students will apply to the professional program in the spring semester during which they are expected to complete pre-requisite coursework.  (Refer to the Admissions tab for more information.)

As they always have, students accepted into the Medical Imaging program through the Fort Wayne campus will complete the 3 year professional curriculum in Fort Wayne, and participate in clinical rotations in Fort Wayne and the surrounding area.

  1. Will I graduate with a degree from Purdue or IU?

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging (and, previously, the Associate of Science in Radiography) have always been and will remain Indiana University programs and degrees.

  1. Will the realignment result in changes in the program pre-requisite and general education courses or the professional curriculum?

The realignment will bring minimal changes to the pre-requisite and general education curriculum.  This is primarily due to minor differences in general education requirements between IU and IPFW.

The realignment is not expected to directly result in any changes in the professional curriculum.  Any curricular changes made in the medical imaging curriculum will continue to result from a process of continuous improvement based on program assessment data and feedback from our communities of interest.

To review the current curriculum for Medical Imaging, please refer to the Program Curriculum tab.  

Faculty, Staff and Administration are committed to ensuring a seamless transition for our students throughout the realignment process.  Students who have questions regarding pre-requisite and general education courses are encouraged to make an appointment with a Medical Imaging advisor.  Please contact the Department Secretary to schedule an appointment.

Please continue to check our website for updates.