College of Professional Studies


2018-2019 Admission Cycle

It is highly recommended that students submit application materials early and in person when possible.  This will allow the opportunity for the student to confirm with Medical Imaging and Radiologic Sciences that all application materials have been submitted as required.  Incomplete application packets will not be accepted.

Printable Application Packet Checklist

 Application Instructions

  1. Print and complete the following forms:
    • Admissions Application
    • Prerequisite Checklist Form
    • Applicant Recommendation Form  (FOUR ARE REQUIRED)
      • Instructions:  Select four individuals to complete the Applicant Recommendation Form.  These individuals should be selected on the basis of their ability to assess your personal qualities and characteristics as well as your capacity for learning.  Such individuals may include co-workers, teachers, ministers, etc. PLEASE DO NOT ASK FAMILY MEMBERS OR FRIENDS TO COMPLETE THESE FORMS.  Provide an envelope with each form and request that each individual seal the completed form inside the envelope and then sign their name across the sealed flap. Please request that each individual return the sealed, signed envelope to you so that you may submit all of the required application materials in one packet.
  2. Submit the following material between November  1st and March 1st to be considered for admission:
    • Completed Application
    • Completed Prerequisite Checklist
    • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended (unofficial transcript from IUFW and/or PFW Registrar acceptable)
    • Four (4) completed Applicant Recommendation Forms
    • For any high school dual credit or advanced placement (AP) courses, a high school transcript must be submitted.
    • Court documents (if applicable)
  3. Completed application materials and transcripts must be mailed or delivered to:

FORT WAYNE, IN  46805-1499

PHONE:  260-481-0511 or 260-481-0145

All students are strongly encouraged to meet with an IUFW Pre-Medical Imaging advisor to evaluate prerequisite course work and receive admission advising.